Blending the Holidays With Your Decor

Decorating for the holidays can bring confusion and stress. Why? Because it simply doesn’t feel natural. We put trees in our living rooms for heaven sakes!  We put red and green accents all over our house that most likely has a completely different color schemes! We put “stuff” all over our house that was not… Continue reading Blending the Holidays With Your Decor

When To Hire a Designer

There was recently an article written on that got a lot of attention from both designers and homeowners alike titled: “How to Work With an Interior Designer”. Interestingly enough, there are two sides to every story. Every designer approaches how they work with clients in a different way, have different work ethics and models… Continue reading When To Hire a Designer

Creating a Clean Palette

When it comes to artwork, I often hear that people are confused or stuck with their direction and goals. Many people struggle with “Where to begin” or “I’m stuck”. My first advise is to give is to create a clean palette. Step 1: Take Down all the art from the existing wall. This immediately shakes… Continue reading Creating a Clean Palette

History of Homes

Every home has a story. Even a new construction home has a story of finding the lot, designing the home, the building process and pulling together the interiors and landscapes. Stories make an environment rich with dimension and interest. Our 1910 Bungalow in Portsmouth, NH was basically a poor mans simple home that had an… Continue reading History of Homes

There Are No Rules

As a child, we learned how to color within lines and follow rules. But when it comes to design, it’s important to have a little fun! I often have my clients ask me what rules they should be following when starting a design project. My advice is usually fairly vague, I want to see where… Continue reading There Are No Rules