Rugs that Complete the Picture

I’ll admit, I have terrible feet. Terrible! I can’t walk barefoot on the floor, but I can walk barefoot on rugs! I nice rug, even better! Now, while Pappelina rugs are functional woven plastic and perfect for a mudroom or kitchen, they are are graphic and fun but… not necessarily easy on the feet.

The Juipar indoor / outdoor rugs are wonderfully functional, beautiful and soft on the toes. These rugs start pricing a 2×3 at $110 and move up from there. We also suggest woven wool rugs  and many more options that are functional and please the feet.

Of coarse we love Angela Adams rugs original designs and high quality. They are truly amazing in detail and wow, amazing on the feet!

We sell all of these lines of rugs and many more. Come on in and see if we can meet your needs.


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