420 RENO… What is the right kitchen faucet for you?

The kitchen faucet is a “work horse”. We use our kitchen faucets so many times throughout the day that it’s hard to keep track. Add more than one person in a household and that number multiplies significantly. So, we expect it to be perfect and when it is not, it is very frustrating!

In doing research, I decided to go with Kallista a higher end product distributed by Ann Sacks. There were a few criteria that I had in mind:

1) Design: I wanted a simple, clean design that would also read traditional bungalow.

2) Finish: I wanted brushed nickel so that it would remain subtle. Not all faucets are available in satin nickel.

3) Function: It’s personal but I didn’t want the sprayer attached. I find that they often fail after time and do not retract.

4) Quality: I wanted high quality but did not want something foreign that would make installation difficult for the plumber. The “guts” of Kallista are actually Kohler and both are made in Michigan.

I love the graceful curve of the faucet. What are you looking for in your new faucet? Remember the above criteria.



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  1. I will only install single handle faucets in my kitchen and bath. I think they are easier to use and easier to clean. It doesn’t take long to get used to the position you prefer in terms of hot and cold. Ironically, I prefer two handles in the shower. I feel it’s easier to control the temp that way.

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