Warning… It’s Time to Finish Up Your Landscaping Projects!

I always figure, if I have to wear my warmest coat on job sites during the middle of the day then it is TIME… time to wrap up all landscaping projects. You can not get your CO (Certificate of Occupancy)  unless you have egress from your home that meets code. Therefore, all elevations with grade need to be finished properly. The evening frosts  are staying consistent, eventually the ground will soon freeze as solid as rock ledge.

In this photo, our “Beachy Cottage” has made a significant landscaping push! The landscaping team has shown up on site, we have grade heights correct in order to finish the front deck and granite landing step, porous walkway and back patio are in process plus the beautiful front wall is being built in order to retain grade heights.

The planting will not be able to be installed because while planting in the fall is a good decision, right now all the soils and the root balls are too frozen and the planting will die in the spring.  So, while it might not be completely finished this calendar year, the plantings will be installed in the early spring and it will be in full bloom by the summer! Seasons…. they are vitally important to respect & remember!


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