Time to Design your Landscaping!

Did you know that it’s time to start your landscape design? Yup, that’s right. It’s winter and it’s design time! And…I love landscape design!


What is involved in the landscape design process? 

  1. Budget: let’s just say whatever you think it will cost … double it (maybe even triple).
  2. Timeline: If you are trying to hire someone for the Summer ‘21, well… hire quickly- like really quickly!
  3. Scope: Define exactly what you want to do within your defined budget.

Landscaping can be divided between hardscape (stonework) and soft scape (plantings):


Hardscape: this is pricy without a doubt, but it is also beautiful! Think stone walls, patios, driveways, pathways, fountains, and fire pits.

Softscapes: this includes planting beds that vary between trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and annuals. Herbs are also a nice introduction in pathways as well as veggie gardens and potted planters also make a significant impact. All of these elements play an integral to the success and enjoyment of your landscaping.

Consider how light moves around your landscape from morning to night and winter to summer. A winter garden is just as important as your summer garden! Winter gardens highlight evergreens and winter grasses while summer gardens highlight perennials and annuals filled with color and texture.

Most importantly, landscapes are inspiring, artful, beautiful, and vividly important. A home without landscaping is like a naked house. Obviously, I feel strongly about this (just ask my family), make sure at the very least you have landscape plantings to complement the façade of your home. And, plan, plan, plan then plant, plant, plant.



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