Fall Planting for Spring Color_Part One

Now is a great time to spend some time planning your garden. The cooler weather that is (hopefully) approaching, allows plants the time to establish their root system, without burning in the sun or freezing in frost. We are all very aware that it is time to plant bulbs for spring (Home Depot and Lowes have already started to remind us) but why pick from the bottom of the barrel that contains the usual yellow daffodil and red tulip? If you are looking to add some interest for spring start to think outside the box and look for something that shows off your true your style! The possibilities are endless when it comes to bulbs – believe me, there are more out there then Home Depot and Lowes let us think.

One of my favorite places to shop around and buy interesting bulbs is White Flower Farm the are located in CT, but have a great website with pictures and info so you can plan where they will fit in your garden, then just order online and they ship right to your house!

Frittallaria melegris (pictured above, image from white flower farm) – a delicate show stopper in any garden. Great for shady, moist soil and deer resistant. This is sure to catch the eye of your visitors!

Narcissus Apricot Whirl – a salmon-pink and white daffodil, if you are sick of the typical yellow then this is the daffodil for you. Once establish it easily spreads with little care.

Allium Globemaster – if you haven’t seen this yet, you’re in for a happy surprise! They grow to 4′ tall with a huge purple “globe” on top. They look great planted within a perennial garden and last throughout the spring season, still adding interest to the garden as they dry in summer.

One issue many of our clients come to us with is they need deer resistant plants, the above bulbs are all deer resistant but if you are thinking of planting tulips you will need to protect them as deer tend to munch on the plant right before they bloom – typical!

For more tips on what to plant in the fall read this article here.


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