Fall Planting for Spring Color_Part Two

Beyond bulbs you should definitely consider adding some perennials to your garden this fall. Perennials are sometimes hard to choose, as they typically bloom during one season, you need to consider the foliage and make sure it is just as interesting as the bloom.

Baptisia australis (Blue False Indigo) is a great perennial that blooms in the spring, but the flower pods dry to a deep indigo and provide interest to the plant for the rest of the season. Their blue-green leaves provide a dense base and actually make the plant appear to be a shrub. Low maintenance and deer resistant.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady’s Mantle) is a great alternative to Hosta lovers as deer also LOVE Hosta. This low growing perennial blooms in late spring with a waterfall of color, but the most appealing aspect is the scalloped shaped leaves which hold dew drops in the morning, catching your eye. Plant at the front border, allow ample room for it to self seed and spread, or cut back spent blooms in spring to maintain it’s shape. Pictured above.

Amsonia hubrichtii (Blue Star) has a beautiful powdery blue spring bloom. However, beyond the bloom this plant gets more interesting each season. The feathery, bright green foliage creates a soft backdrop to your summer garden, and looks peaceful swaying in the wind. Then as fall approaches the foliage turns a bright yellow – fiery orange, can you imagine this beauty flowing in the fall breeze? Believe me it is breath-taking.

For more deer resistant plants check out this article on Houzz here.

Image of Alchemilla Mollis from Willow House Chronicles.


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