North Mill Pond View

CLIENT PROFILE The homeowner is an engineer and worked in framing during college, so he is more than capable and very thoughtful about the construction process acting as the GC. He and his wife bought the 1900 2.5 stories, New Englander, with 1,534sf in 2012 mostly for the large, beautiful lot located right on North… Continue reading North Mill Pond View

Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?

Every custom home brings with it the possibility of thinking outside of the box and the Steel Farmhouse is no exception. As a matter of fact, it’s a nice blend of typical elements that make a home functional with a custom twist. Here are some of the features that are creative, functional, and outside of… Continue reading Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?

April Newsletter

Spring brings hope, health, and plenty of construction. I thought it would be fun to share with you a project that we have been working on since July 2020. This modern steel farmhouse boasts strong elements of custom steel highlighted as exposed structure in the kitchen, great room, monorail stair system, and cantilevered decks. My… Continue reading April Newsletter

Time to Design your Landscaping!

Did you know that it’s time to start your landscape design? Yup, that’s right. It’s winter and it’s design time! And…I love landscape design!   What is involved in the landscape design process?  Budget: let’s just say whatever you think it will cost … double it (maybe even triple). Timeline: If you are trying to… Continue reading Time to Design your Landscaping!

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Design Challenges Well Worth the Effort

 This new construction cape was a challenge worth all the effort! At the beginning of this project, we were up against the city for requiring a demolition permit for removing the existing building structure. There was a lot, I mean a lot of neighborhood contention with this project, and the city struggled with ordinances and… Continue reading Design Challenges Well Worth the Effort