Barn Door Basics

How about some barn door basics? It’s true? Barn doors are incredibly popular. But there are reasons behind that besides the fact that they are very cool. POCKET VS. BARN: Pocket doors are more expensive and complex because the builder has to install a door kit inside the wall. Typically, we have to make this… Continue reading Barn Door Basics

How to design a Powder Room

Where is your Powder Room? Powder Rooms are bathrooms that typically do not have a place to bathe. Powder rooms can be small and efficient as well as a place to showcase items such as light fixtures and mirrors. Introduce a bold color on one or several walls to liven up a small powder room. Entertain your guests by… Continue reading How to design a Powder Room

Birches in a Winter Wonderland

Why not create your own artistic winter scene as an accent to any space, especially a powder room? If you use removable wallpaper, you can change themes within seasons.   I suggest considering scale when thinking about wallpaper so that it reads the way that you desire. With this birch pattern, we can get this… Continue reading Birches in a Winter Wonderland