Why Cabinet Hardware Pulls the Kitchen Together

Do you know why cabinet hardware pulls the kitchen together? Now, while it’s “Icing on the Cake”, who likes cake without icing? It’s important for the design as well as the function of the kitchen.   DESIGN The one thing that I’m specific about with clients is to not purchase hardware that your clothing can… Continue reading Why Cabinet Hardware Pulls the Kitchen Together

420 RENO… Choosing The Right Cabinet Hardware

Simply put, I have tortured myself over the hardware selection in my kitchen. I think it is possible that it is  more difficult for a designer to design their own homes. Why: 1. We are exposed to every resource available – too many choices. 2. We are educated enough to know what could be good but feel hesitant… Continue reading 420 RENO… Choosing The Right Cabinet Hardware

Hardware makes the difference!

There is no question,  you can have expensive cabinets and throw your money down the drain by applying ugly hardware. In order to avoid this, I suggest following a few simple rules: 1) Keep it simple!  More complicated design or lines confuse the eye and unsettle the soul. 2) Think about the trend. Don’t go too… Continue reading Hardware makes the difference!

Colorful Knobs

Beautiful clay hardware adds that special customization twist to any space. Available in 18 colors as well as custom options these look great on furniture or cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens. Let me work with you to select the perfect style and color for your application to make it special just for you!