420 RENO… Choosing The Right Cabinet Hardware

Simply put, I have tortured myself over the hardware selection in my kitchen. I think it is possible that it is  more difficult for a designer to design their own homes. Why:

1. We are exposed to every resource available – too many choices.
2. We are educated enough to know what could be good but feel hesitant to make risky choices.
3. We don’t have a designer to support our choices and provide guidance.
4. We will probably be heavily judged by our decisions.

Hardware is typically not something that my clients will struggle with. They walk up to a hardware display and say, “That one?” and I say, “Okay” and that’s that.  It’s always a good decision with no looking back.

Me? I way over thought this. What I got stuck on was the finishes:

a) Stainless Steel Sink
b) Brushed Nickel Faucet
c) Existing Bronze Pulls on the Antique Pantry Doors.
d) Pendant Light Fixtures

It was really the shape that ultimately caused havoc. The existing Pantry Pulls are simple and do not stick out into the room. Since we will have panels on our refrigerator we provide the pulls, I worried that we would be walking into the refrigerator pulls as we walked by (is that logical?).  I settled on Amerock – phew, I just needed the decision made already!

If you are interested, I have a Pinterest Board  on the process of my project. You will see the stream of consciousness and I’ve made decisions on the project. I highly recommend keeping track of your project in this way.


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