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Tile is hot! Why? Because it adds so much texture, color and interest to any surface! Used creatively, you can define a space by tile.

Tile installation is expensive and very difficult. So I recommend choosing an installer that has a great reputation like Steve-the-tile-guy. He is known for taking the time to work with clients on layout, doing precise math and precise cuts. When tiling something like a shower, you will notice any mistake and it will probably drive you nuts so it is really good to hire experience and plan ahead in order to prevent costly waste and miscalculations.

Yes, tile is expensive. It just is. Truthfully, you get what you pay for. Here is my rule of thumb when purchasing tile:

a) I don’t spend money where my feet go. Typically, I go with a reputable company like American Olean that is reasonably priced and well designed. Zenstoneworks and B&C Flooring in Portsmouth are great resources.

b) I do spend money where you see it. Typically, this would be the master shower and anywhere around a mirror. I am using Ann Sacks Tile that I fell in love with and designed the room around the tile.

c) I don’t recommend purchasing tile from a big box store. While the price is right, typically a lot of the tiles will be flawed or broken in the pack that you purchase. Unfortunately, you are not able to inspect each tile or mosaic sheet. They are also thin and can easily warp (believe it or not). Quite ironically I have seen this a few times and it is truly odd. Additionally, they are not necessarily the same size so it makes the install very tricky and can result in an overall inconsistent look.

Let me know if you need any help with selecting your tile! Remember, it should be FUN!


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