Why Cabinet Hardware Pulls the Kitchen Together

Do you know why cabinet hardware pulls the kitchen together?

Now, while it’s “Icing on the Cake”, who likes cake without icing? It’s important for the design as well as the function of the kitchen.



The one thing that I’m specific about with clients is to not purchase hardware that your clothing can get caught on. We spend a lot of time walking around a kitchen, it’s a bummer to keep getting stuck on a preventable problem.


Typically, we will match the hardware finish to the plumbing and lighting finish. But this is not a hard & fast rule – contrast can be fun!


The size and scale of the handle or knob is based on the size of the drawer or door as well as in relationship to each other. Stay consistent on the size of door and drawer hardware on the main cabinetry; however, if you have panels on your appliances, those should be larger. I suggest buying a few different sizes to make sure that you have the right size before installing.


If your drawers are larger than 24” wide you will want two handles. However, you can also have one large handle if you are worried that people in your house will only pull one side.

On the upper cabinets, I suggest 3” up from the bottom and centered in the frame.


Hardware can be very fun and the finishing touch to complete your project!




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