Why Pulling Your Home Together with Materials is Important

Do ever wonder why pulling your home together with materials is important?

Quite simply, it’s important to create a design that is visually consistent and materials allows for that to happen. Never underestimate the power of choosing good and consistent materials.


This project had a large and central fireplace original to the 1910 Maine Cottage. We used this as an opportunity to create an addition & renovation that blended with the original cottage.

Stone is now available as stone veneer complete with corners and different sizes, styles and colors. Genest is a manufacturer of these stones and are sold locally in Kittery so they were easy for the client to see samples and approve the stones that were similar to the existing fireplace.

Once we decided on the stone style, we decided on the locations of the stone applications. It was decided that the Dining Room wall as well as the Kitchen / Pantry wall opposite each other with the backsplash to the bar would be the most appropriate locations. This would determine the amount of stone as well as how man and which corners we specify.

The installer is a mason using mortar the weight to match the fireplace. And the fireplace was refinished and cleaned up to allow for matching of the new and old stone.


This is a unique way of pulling together materials. What options do you have to pull materials together for your project in order to create a cohesive product?




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