Not Your Average Potty

Toilets have come a LONG way and it’s worth a blog post to introduce you to the idea if you are in the market for a new toilet.

Recently, I had an awkward text conversation with my client requesting him to go sit on a toilet. I felt it was my responsibility to let him know that the toilet that he selected was nice but basic and there is a world of toilets so much better out there.

There are toilets that will raise and lower the seat according to your proximity, heated seats, spraying water for cleaning and so much more. It is the marriage of an electrician and plumber for your comfort and pleasure. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why this evolved (it’s not my favorite place to hang out).

My children gave my husband the “Tushy Cushy” as a gift which is an adaptative seat that will spray water like a bidet. The only problem is that it needs an outlet and a dedicated hot water tap, so…sadly it still sits in a box. These after-market add-ons rarely get installed due to the complexity.

My suggestion is to go to a showroom and actually sit on the toilet that you are considering. By no means am I a toilet specialist, so I suggest asking questions and do some online research by reading reviews and talking to your plumber.

I’m just introducing you to the idea, do with it what you will. Maybe I’ll be a nice wife and buy my husband a new fancy toilet for his birthday for his favorite room in the house. 🙂


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