Wallpaper… How to Use and When

Wallpaper is BACK! But it’s not your typical wallpaper of the 50’s. It’s artful, inspiring and fun.

My favorite places to use wallpaper are (in the order of preference):

  1. Powder Rooms
  2. Kid’s Rooms
  3. Dining Rooms
  4. Mudrooms


Playing with scale is a fun way to make a statement. In a child’s room, human-scale helps to make them feel a sense of belonging. There is no right or wrong, as a matter of fact, sometimes in a small powder room having a large scale creates a fun and inspiring experience.


Tone-on-tone is subtle and can read as textured paint, high contrast like black and white is still neutral but making more of a statement and colors that contrast makes a bold statement.


  • Geometric patterns lean more toward the modern.
  • Organic patterns lean more toward the transitional and natural.


Wallpaper typically should be installed by a professional. Figuring out repeat and straight lines are difficult, and the glue application is messy. Always paint the wall before installing wallpaper to help with the removal in the future. You will see when you go online that there are several decal companies. These are easy to apply and temporary.


Have fun and be inspired!


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