The Ins & Outs of Planting a Garden

Planting a garden is simple once you get into the groove – it’s the preparation that it difficult but the end result is rewarding.

Throughout this summer of Covid, many people have joined me in planting a garden. In March, when our world was so uncertain that we didn’t know if we would be able to receive fresh food, it seemed like a wise plan to grow our own veggies. There’s no doubt we won’t be traveling much or working as hard this summer so, why not give it a shot.

In March, I started seeds inside and it was inspiring to see them growing while it snowed and rained outside. In early May, I started taking the plants outside to “harden them off” gradually bring them outside for a few hours each day, getting used to the wind and outdoor temperatures.

In April, I purchased raised beds from Amazon and I built them, creating a fence around the beds that would be on the ground. The other two raised beds would be on my second-floor deck. Topsoil is the base soil and rich with nutrients, like a Bumper Crop, which is at the top where the sensitive root systems live.

Memorial Day Weekend I planted everything. The corn and beans will require height so those are planted in a raised bed on the ground. Zucchini, summer squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon will also be on the ground in raised beds so that they can sit on the grass as they grow. Once I planted the plants, I also seeded new crops so that they are able to harvest several times throughout the summer.

On June 12, I harvested for the first-time lettuce, kale, basil, chive, and sage. My theory (although I’m not sure it will work) is to harvest the lettuce, kale, and spinach from the outside of the plant leaving the inside to mature and grow. We’ll see if it works. I found the process to be calming and centering during a very chaotic time. As we are all realizing that at this time, it’s important to control what you are able to control, and this feels like one of those things.

If this is your first garden or have not planted yet, it’s never too late! I Use large pots and at least start with basil pruning the leaves just above the split of new growth and before it flowers. Gardens in pots are fun and simple – and no weeding required!  Be sure to keep them watered well in the morning and evening. I use watering as a relaxing time to be quiet and think – no rush, just chill out and talk sweet nothings to your plants… they will love you back


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