How the Landscape: Accents, Defines and Finishes a Home

Do you always notice how the landscape: accents, defines and finishes a home, but not really sure how to accomplish this? Honestly, you are not alone. While it may look easy, (because it is supposed to) it is actually very difficult.

I work with Hales Landscaping a great deal and consistently find their work not only amazingly creative and thoughtful, but outstandingly creative. I was thrilled to hear that my clients hired Hales Landscaping because I knew that this meant that the project would be amazing from the interior to the exterior!

For the building permit, I had to design the driveway and pathway up to the house as well as the back patio to determine lot coverage, grade and drainage. So those elements were locked into place but everything else was at the design hand of Hales Landscaping.

The backyard retains grade with huge antique granite slabs that also functions as an amazing seat for entertaining and play. This creates a nice backyard of lawn to play on and creates gardens that can be seen from inside since they are raised in height. The fireplace is amazingly built-in to this “bench seat” for viewing from the interior kitchen and seating area as well as the amazing patio.

The outbuildings were existing and painted to match the addition creating a sweet little backyard filled with privacy and definition. Additionally, along with a purpose comes an opportunity for a potting shed and storage. Icing on the cake…the plantings are all designed to be seasonally blooming including the winter.

This project represents architecture, interiors and landscapes – a “whole home” design concept that is the underlying concept of “whole home design”. I love completing a Whole Home, it doesn’t remember the size of project but more the amazing clients and design vision!


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