Before The Black Eye

Black-eyed Susan got her name because she is one tough plant! You have to be in order to live in New England after all our summers are hot & cold, dry & wet, in other words – unpredictable!

But the black-eyed Susan along with daisies join the cast of amazing plants that are hardy and beautiful. Here is the Northeast Gardner’s July Checklist┬áthat I find helpful. Coneflower is not on the list but I find it is bring medicinal qualities as well as resounding strength and beauty. Coneflower is typically purple and balances the gold of the Black-eyed Susan and white of daisies perfectly.

If you don’t live in New England, here is a helpful article of what to do in your garden during July. What are your staple things to do in your garden in July before we loose the annuals beauty to the heat of August?


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