How To Set Your Thanksgiving Table

Do you have Thanksgiving on your mind? Food, festivities, family, friends – what could be better? Thanksgiving marks the official kick-off to the Holiday Season (we have been ignoring the Christmas commercials so far, right?).  So here are a few suggestions as we move away from the Fall decorations and wholeheartedly into the Holiday  decorations…

1. Pull all your fall decorations together and put them on the kitchen counter. If you don’t have any, this is a great time to buy them on sale.  Now, at this point, your house should basically be cleaned up from the Fall decorations.  Anything that you feel is “too much” or “old” either put in storage, recycle or toss.

2. Here are the essentials to a Thanksgiving Table:

  • Linens:  The amy dutton Home SHOP has them on SALE 15% off! From the bright stripes to the subtle linen, come in and get the best and unique linens for your table.  (note: I’ll be in the shop on Saturday afternoon and I’m happy to help you).
  • Glassware: The shop has etched glass, graphic glass and thick glass.
  • Flatware: We have serving utensils and silverware that are unique and can be ordered.
  • Dishes: From the fragile to the casual we have dinnerware to order or buy off the shelf. We also have serving dishes with amy dutton graphics and silver trays.

3. It’s time to “Dress Up” around the essentials…Go directly to Pinterest. I started a board to share with you. It took me about 15 minutes and as I went through the ideas, my concept for my Thanksgiving Table became much more defined. For example, I really like the organic, natural fibers and materials layered together. I also like the thought of using craft paper and writing lists of what we are thankful for. I will be combining those two concepts to make my own creative and unique table.

4. Know who your guests are. If you have a bunch of children, make it fun and provide crayons or something for them to play with. If you have elderly guest, be sure to add some antique pieces that will bring nostalgia  back to them. Making people feel welcome and comfortable at the table is the key to a long and enjoyable meal together.

5. Start your own traditions.  Sure, there are “trends” but it also feels like the table should be a reflection of where you are in you and your families lives at that very moment. Years ago, we established the tradition when we didn’t have Thanksgiving guests we would eat dinner in our new Christmas Pajamas. My kids are now 14, 17 and 21 and we don’t have any guests this year so we will eat dinner in their Christmas Pajamas and it will be casual and fun. Staying with the moment let’s you relax and enjoy the day.


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