How to Make Room for Your Christmas Tree

Where does your tree go in your house? I have literally designed homes for people around their Christmas tree location. But, for the rest of us, it is fairly difficult to figure out where to put the tree. After all, it is a living tree that goes inside of our house (a bit strange).

My suggestions:

  • Empty out the room as much as you are able. This means putting accessories likes frames and plants into another space. De-cluttering will be key in creating a beautiful Christmas scene.
    • This will also help when cleaning up in January. It is an opportunity to dust and re-arrange.
  • Move any furniture such as small or light chairs into a bedroom or another place in the house.
  • Now you can decide where the tree should go. It doesn’t have to go in the front window if you have a sofa there. Moving a sofa is a much bigger deal and will probably negatively impact the flow of the space.
    • If you have a front porch, you can add a tree to the front porch to make it look like it is in the window and experience the outside to inside.
    • If you don’t have a front porch, add lights to your foundation plantings. If your foundation plants are not high enough, you can always add fake trees to your front yard to give an illusion of height and trees. (note: if you don’t have any foundation plantings, we need to talk!)
  • Be sure to measure your ceiling height and get a tree that is about 12” shorter than your ceiling height. Once you cut some off the bottom, it will be perfect.

Remember to tie the tree down to either the window frame or secure it in some manner. Speaking from experience, a fallen tree is a sad, sad thing!

Enjoy your tree and let me know if you need any advise on moving around your furniture to fit the tree.




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