Determining Your Holiday Theme

If you want your holiday home to blend visually, you really do have to choose a theme.

How to Determine your Theme: many of us have decorations from years and years past. Then, you go shopping and buy more decorations  that don’t match your other decorations. Then, people give you hostess gifts or holiday gifts that equally do not match your holiday decor. What to do?

1) Choose one common thread among those pieces and only use those decorations. Is it lime green this year instead of forest green? It it bright and shiny or natural nature? Either way, you really should choose one.

2) You don’t have to use ALL of your decorations! I find it a fairly healthy exercise to open boxes, and either put them back away and not use them if they are not part of your determined theme.

3) Donate decorations to those who don’t really have any. Give them away those extra/ unwanted decoration to someone in their 20’s who don’t have a lot of decorations. Just because you have them it doesn’t mean that you should always use them. Our taste changes through the years so leave room for that and allow yourself the freedom of letting go.

4) Buy something new every year that goes with your determined theme. This will bring a fresh new look to your home and will hopefully pull everything together for you.




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