Blending the Holidays With Your Decor

Decorating for the holidays can bring confusion and stress. Why? Because it simply doesn’t feel natural.

We put trees in our living rooms for heaven sakes!  We put red and green accents all over our house that most likely has a completely different color schemes! We put “stuff” all over our house that was not necessarily part of  your interior design plan. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind while decorating:

1) Determine Your Theme – really think about this, don’t just go out and shop or put out all your decorations without having a plan.

2) Simplify Your Home – Before you decorate, move through your home and remove extra decorations that will add clutter to your holiday theme. Put these items in one spot then when you put our your holiday decorations out, store these items in your holiday boxes. You will be so happy to see them in January!

3) Candles are the almighty equalizer! When you look at your home, think about where you can add a candle to bring balance.

Put on some  holiday music and enjoy the exercise of making your home a bit messy and scattered. The holidays are about filling our homes with joy, light and life. The simplicity of January will come soon enough, enjoy the season!


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