Where Oh Where to Begin – Designing a Bathroom

Material Selections in a bathroom can be overwhelming! Why?

1) Because every single subcontractor is participating in the project and the scheduling timeline is intense.

2) It is also an expensive project.

I suggest that you make sure that you are prepared for such an undertaking. One idea is to have me or another designer over to your home for a consultation. I would prepare a sketch for you focusing on layout and scope of project for you to think about and hand to a builder in order to get preliminary pricing.

When starting the design process, I suggest that you focus on the vanity. This is the piece that holds interest and is the primary focus of your design elements. Here are the things that you will need to focus on just for the vanity along:

_Tile or flooring

_Vanity type/ material

_Countertop material/ color

_Faucet design/ finish/ installation

_Mirror or medicine cabinets

_Wall finish from tile to wallpaper to paint


Once these are all determined, the rest of the bathroom should come together relatively easily. I like the thought of the vanity wall dancing and reflecting your personality. But if you want the floor to have a lot of movement and interest, tune down the vanity wall.

Now, a few points to consider:

  • Not all the hardware has to match if you want to have an accent faucet or light but they do typically all match: faucet (shower and sink), towel bars, light fixtures and mirror finish.
  • A tiled shower is relatively difficult to put together because there are perimeters of tile that need to be considered. Let me know if you need help or make sure that your tile supplier knows that they are doing and orders the correct amount.
  • Think about your lighting plan. The fan can be complex on its own (heat/ fan/ light is my favorite). Where do you want the switches and outlets for practical and code purposes?
  • Storage is a practical need in a bathroom – make sure that you have enough of it.
  • Wallpaper should be waterproof. Wood should be treated to handle the moisture.

Well, you can see it is a big project for such a small room. But it’s still your money, you might as well be a smart investor! Let me know if you would like some help with your bathroom remodel!


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