The Design Process

Are you looking for a designer for a future project? I thought I would fill you in on a few key aspects of the design process at amy dutton Home.

We work in phases throughout the project: Discovery, Schematic, and Construction Drawings. At the end of each of these phases, I work with one or a few contractors to generate pricing in order to make sure that I am designing according to budget.

The Discovery and Schematic Phases are incredibly interactive with clients and we ask for a lot of input and direction in order to design a project that meets their needs. I will ask my clients to share their inspirations so that I can get into their heads about their design aesthetic such as sharing a pinboard on Pinterest. After these two phases, my clients sign off on the drawings prior to sending them to construction drawings to make sure they are solid with the project in order to avoid expensive revisions. Up to the end of this phase, we are sketching and the sketches turn into a 3D model. It is our job to make our clients happy and secure with the project.

When we move into construction drawings, our job switches to making the contractor happy by producing clear, detailed and complete plans. This is not necessarily the fun part of the project but it is very labor intensive and vitally important to making sure that there are not expensive mistakes during construction.

Long and short, having plans drawn for your project is an expensive INVESTMENT. Spending time during the design phase results in a high return in investment when avoiding expensive on site errors by a contractor and sub-contractors.

While we are completing the construction drawings, we start to work on material selections. Many clients love this part of the project because it is making the plans come to 3D life. The contractor is typically starting to order building materials during this time and getting together final pricing – in short order he will need the material selection information.

The process is intended to be inspiring and fun for my clients. It is my job to guide you through the process. Let me know if you have any questions or would like more details about my services.


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