Starting a New Home Together

Starting a new home together is not for the faint of heart. It Is for those who have hearts filled with love. Love…makes the project much easier but it is still a frustrating & fun experience.

Seacoast Weddings is a great resource for that bride who is putting it all together for her magical day. The thing is, most engaged couples have been living together for at LEAST one year. Some own homes. That means that they don’t need the average towels and dishes, they would like something special, unique and what they REALLY want. In some cases, they probably need design services that they can’t afford on their own.

So, here are some ideas of how to register in a “unique” way for what is truly important and meaningful in your life.

_ Try to buy local if possible. Looking for artwork? Try Nahcotta, I’m partial to Teresa McCue’s work.

_ Buyer Beware: If you are looking to register /purchase at Lowes or a local lumber yard, buyer beware. Many times, the local cabinet designer is a much better resource. Bid out your kitchen – always! I will typically design a kitchen in CAD then send the drawings out to bid, this is a great way to find out if you are getting a fair price. John @ Cabinet Concepts and Ania and Cabinet Works are great resources for you.

_ Register at a great place that fits all your home needs like furnishings, dinnerware, linens, bedding AND design services like amy dutton Home.

We will make a private appointment with our designers to establish your registry according to our vendor lines available and the shop resources. You need and deserve the very best, this is the one time

Hope to see you around!


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