How to Choose the Right Front Door

Are you looking for that perfect front door? Do you know HOW to choose the right front door? It’s a big decision because it is the first impression from as far away from the street.

In order to know how to choose the right front door, you need to be aware of the design elements that you are looking for. In our region of New England, there are often two doors (one to the main part of the house and the other to the mudroom) and sometimes both face the front. In order to handle this well, make your entry doors different – the mudroom should be more casual with a different and casual entry walk / landing and roof system (at least 18” overhang above the door). This will set them apart. In the winter, if you don’t want people to go to the front I suggest not shoveling the front walkway to force people to the mudroom where they can take off muddy boots and hang coats.

When shopping for a door here are 3 things to remember:

1_ Material: If you door has a roof over it, I suggest a Simpson wood door. They are beautiful, solid wood doors that are heavy and substantial. If you don’t have a roof over your door (too bad) you will want a steel insulated exterior door by Jeld Wen or Thermatru or equal.

2_ Resources: Typically, you will want to go to a lumber yard and preferably one that has samples that you can touch and feel. There are a lot of options of materials and detailing that you need to see up close and personal.

3_ Style: Drive around your neighborhood and beyond and decide what kind of door style you like the best. It is much easier and effective than flipping through a catalogue. If you are going to have a painted door, keep driving… color is a key element to what the door “says” about you and your home. Paint color should also compliment in hue and contrast in color.  Note: Consult your local professional shop and invest in the right kind of paint for the door.

Making that first impression is really important. If you need help choosing the right door, let me know!


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