Marrying the Interiors to the Exteriors with Material

Are you looking to create a connected and cohesive home from the exterior to the interior? Today we’re looking at an ongoing project, the Steel Farmhouse, for inspiration on how materials can intentionally pull the whole home together.

Here are some design decisions we’ve made so far: 

  1. Use of steel. Incorporating structural steel into the interior and exterior design makes for an efficiently built home while providing a clean, dark color palette. 
  2. Repeating color and texture throughout each space. Black, white, blue, wood, and herringbone motifs synchronize to create balance and interest.
  3. Tile installation and grout color. Porcelain tile is very cost-efficient, which allowed us to play with the installation pattern. Dark grout creates dark lines that replicate the steel, and the stack installation creates some movement. We will be weaving the herringbone floor tile with the wood floor.

As the house design comes together, these material selections inform subsequent design decisions. For example, we will stick to black and gold finishes to select hardware and lighting. 

The exterior siding and interior wall color will be white, to help marry the exterior and interior elements. 

You have to make a LOT of decisions when designing and building, so repeating the materials but just changing them in scale, texture, and color will streamline the design process!


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