Relaxing During the Holidays~ Part 2

Does the very title of this blog excite or irritate you? Or both?

Most reasonable people can see that holiday stress is pretty much self-inflicted. We want to treat everyone in our lives as special as they are and that simply takes time. Time that you simply don’t have. You have the lists in your head and sometimes things don’t get crossed off for much longer than you’d wish.

Well, let me remind you that nothing, absolutely nothing will get done if you are sick. And the only way to avoid illness is self-care. Last week, I reminded you about eating well, exercising, taking your vitamins and drinking tea. I also encouraged you to block out “white space” time in your calendar just for you to recharge. How did that work?

This week I’d like to encourage you to treat yourself to:

A massage. If you don’t have a masseuse, ask a friend or your hair dresser for a referral.

Reflexology. You can have reflexology done just on your feet – at the very least, 15 minutes on each foot – or head or hands.

Manicure &/or Pedicure. You probably have a party to go to, treat yourself to some pampering!

Smile & Laugh! It’s really good for your health!

What does all this have to do with your home? Nothing! Leaving your home a mess is really a good thing. I can’t post a picture of my home right now… I have projects all over that are waiting to get done. Leaving projects out are reminders that they need to get done, if you clean up – out of sight out of mind. This is your permission to leave the mess and focus on taking care of yourself and crossing some things off your list.




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