How to Create a Memorable Christmas Tree

How old are you? A Christmas Tree typically takes a form of maturity in life. When we were young newlyweds, our tree was empty and I made all the ornaments. Every year I would buy a new ornament that would join the classy white lights. Then, I had children and they really wanted colored lights to go with their amazing artwork ornaments.

Nineteen years ago, my mom passed away and the following Christmas we moved to a larger house with two large windows in the front of the house. This was my opportunity to have two trees:

(One) The Angel Tree – with white lights and angel ornaments. I also added a photo ornament of each child and one of the three of them together to be with the angels. My thought was that when they are grown and have their own tree, I will give them their personal ornaments but I get to keep the ornaments of the three of them. One day, after we are gone, they will sit down and divide those up.

(Two) is a fun and lively tree with kids ornaments and funny colored lights.

Now that we live in a smaller home, we are down to one tree that combines the plethora of well-loved and sentimental ornaments. It’s sweet. It’s a story- a story of our lives. And you have one too. My best advise is to use your tree as a form of memories that you pull out once a year to love and cherish.

Most importantly, there is no “right” or perfect tree. Every tree is so personal that it is magical to see and appreciate.


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