Why Gardens Bring Health to You & Your Home

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of foundation plantings.

As a matter of fact, I usually draw in the foundation plantings before presenting the first rendition of the design to my clients. Let’s face it, foundation is ugly, and plants are pretty.

But besides “pretty” they also can provide a great deal of health to you and your home. Remember, foundation plantings should not ever touch your home because the bugs that love plants will also love your home a little too much and cause damage.


Carbon Dioxide: Open the windows and let the air in! When you have plantings right outside the window, not only is the fragrance appreciated but it will provide you with cleaner air as it blows in acting as a “filter”.


Photo credit, Claudia Kaerner

Citronella: It’s not just a candle. It comes from the plant and if planted around your patio, it will help mitigate mosquitos.

Edible Plants: I’m a big fan of gardens and applaud all of you who carefully tend your gardens growing beautiful fruits and vegetables. Since I have a small yard and not a lot of time, I grow my herbs and tomatoes in pots just outside my back door. I locate them as conveniently as possible to not only enjoy them, remember to tend to them but to water them. I find watering and cutting the plants therapeutic after a long day of work in the summer.

Cut Flowers: For mental health, I always have cut flowers or greens in my home. Starting in April, you can “force” blooming but cutting a branch of Forcynthia or budding tree / bush. If you don’t have anything blooming in your garden, simply arrange leaves and make an artful arrangement (again, bringing in the CO2). If you start your Amaryllis in November, it will bloom between late January & February providing beauty and entertainment. Only after the amaryllis pass do I buy cut flowers and then I select the brightest arrangement I can find and wait patiently for April.


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