Weekend DIY Project: Summerize Your Home

It’s June and time to think about cleaning up your home for summer! It is the best time to get the clutter of winter moved out and lighten things up a bit! My top 4 things to do that make a huge difference to the “feeling” in your home are:

1) Change the Draperies~  Lighten things up with white linen or sheers  that will still provide you with privacy but a lighter feel.

2) Take your Indoor Plants Outside ~ They will most likely not like the first few days outside but will ultimately thrive until the cooler fall days.

3) Paint 1 room ~ This will force you to clean things up in that space and freshen the look in the space.

4) Switch out the pillows on your sofa ~ You don’t need to buy new pillow forms but the duvet part of the pillow can easily be stored and enjoy the lighter linens and cotton fabrics while putting away the velvets and heavy woven fabrics.

Here are some more ideas from a houzz article “To Do’s: Your June Home Checklist”.


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