Updating Your Fireplace Facade

Are you reconsidering the finish of your fireplace?

Before Santa comes down the chimney, let’s take a look at options for your fireplace.

The fireplace is often a central detail in your space so why not make it perfect. When building a new home there are hundreds of decisions that need to be made and sometimes details get overlooked… like creating a beautiful fireplace. When renovating, we have an opportunity to make it perfect and custom without a lot of work.

In this project, the house was built in 2005 and has some very nice details but my client wanted to update the look. Paint is by far the least expensive and easiest solution to updating a fireplace surround. Simply painting the fireplace brick created clean lines and a beautiful, updated fireplace.

In this project, built in 2007 the clients wanted a clean and modern finish to the fireplace. We installed a new limestone surround and hearth as well as a walnut floating mantle. Since the goal was to be modern, we had to recess the stone flush to the drywall and finish floor. While it looks simple, it’s difficult to install but important to the details.

The finish details are important to expressing the design aesthetic!


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