Options to Consider for an Accent Wall

Have you ever wanted to add a little “something” to your space for interest?

Some spaces simply need a little more interest added in order to control the eye and make the space more vibrant, an accent wall is the best way to add color and texture.

COLOR – Adding a color that compliments the main color in the room is important when making the decision of which color to select. For example, BM, Simply White might be the color of the walls and Raccoon Fur (black) could be the accent color.

DECAL – Decals are easy to find online. My suggestion is to select something that makes a statement, is large in scale and blends with the wall color. In the example of the Lobster, I selected grey to go on the BM, Hale Navy and is just about the width of the wall. (Note: it did take 4 people to install this decal.)

WALLPAPER – Wallpaper is back and in unique and different ways. Available online, at your local paint store or through your designer there are an infinite amount of possibilities. Wallpaper can be fun and inspiring and allows you to have a theme or express your design aesthetic in a unique way. Select the wallpaper for the accent wall first then the complementary paint color.

WATER FEATURE (and wood) – The accent wall at Seacoast Periodontist had a goal of creating a mood. When people enter a space, we have the ability to control how they feel. My goal was to relax people as they were waiting for the elevator to have their teeth worked on, so we added a water feature with natural materials. The wall will be vertical nickel-gap for wood (we are waiting for final occupancy permits to finish installation).

The best part of an accent wall is the ease. Regardless of the material selected, you only have to finish one wall of the space saving time and money. I’m a big fan of accent walls and spend a lot of time thinking and designing them because it’s fun and very creative.






Water Feature


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