The Low Down on Bedskirts

Bed skirts are sometimes a necessity and sometimes a design element. However, the lack of a bed skirt when you should be using one is always bad.

If you use the space under your bed for storage (and it is not built in as part of the bed design) you need a bed skirt. If you have simple free standing or platform bed, you don’t need a bed skirt. Simple as that.

Now, when choosing what kind of bed skirt, keep a few things in mind:

1) Size – only use a bed skirt that fits the size of your bed perfectly. When putting the bed skirt on, lift up the mattress all the way – put the skirt on all the up to the top  – put the mattress back on.

2) Fit – The bottom of the skirt to meet the floor exactly!

3) Design – When choosing bed skirt, either a full or flat pleat, remember to not compete with the bed linens. If you have a printed comforter – go with a plain and simple skirt. When you want to add some flair to the room with a solid comforter – go with a printed skirt.

Here are some more ideas that you might want to think about.


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