The Importance of Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Why is it important to create a sacred space in your home? 

Because our homes are vital to our rejuvenation as we face the world. We all need to recharge and having a place to do this in privacy is essential. Everyone has a different definition of a “Sacred Space” so I encourage you to define yours.

BATHROOMS: The bathroom tends to be an important space for most people. There is white noise and (ideally) a lock on the door. A few minutes spent in this space can re-set your soul for a bit of time. Consider a heated floor in the bathroom to make the tile feel “soft” and warm your feet. Clean lines and soft colors will help you to feel relaxed in the bathroom.

BATHTUBS: If you are the person who loves a good bath, I encourage you to create a bathroom that has an amazing tub. Water can heal many wounds and relax you to your core. Add some Epsom salts too for added healing.

YOGA STUDIO: This space was created from a basement space that is open and perfect for teaching private yoga classes as well as personal centering. There is a full wall of mirrors on one side and a nice view out the windows to the water during the daylight — perfect for balancing the mind.

A GREAT CHAIR: I have always had a chair in my bedroom where I can pray and hide. When my kids were little, they knew that this was my sacred space and not to bother me when I was there. I still relish this chair and find it to be my place where I can get filled up with grace and peace for the world. On the table next to the chair, I have representation of the Four Elements – plants, a candle, crystals and a feather along with prayer beads. These elements help to keep me centered and inspired, what can you add to your space that will speak to your heart?

I encourage everyone to have a Sacred Space in their home. Think about what sings to your heart and works for you personally and build it out just for you.


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