How to Dress-Up Your Space

Do you want to know how to dress-up your space?

If you want to dress-up your home, it’s a great project to plan while you are spending the winter months inside.

This project was basically a blank canvas because my clients had recently purchased a larger home moving from Cambridge to NH so most of the rooms were empty. What they did have was a defined style and palette as well as amazing Indian artwork. It’s always important to have a solid starting point.

In the living room, we created the space to fill the room for a growing family and two important dogs to relax and enjoy time together. Defined by a new 12 x 15 rug, a swivel- rocker-recliner will take advantage of the fireplace as well as the two sofas with ottomans.

The family room furniture was moved from another room and reused with new pillows and rug to pull the space together.

Since the living room and family room are directly next to each other we worked hard with rugs and paint to pull them together. The furniture and wood are all neutral in tone with color on the walls, rugs and pillows that work together. Should a pillow, chair or table end up in another space, it will still look great.

It is always rewarding to create a space for a young, busy family where they can relax and rejuvenate for the world.


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