How to Style Your Home

How do you style your home? You know, I get this question a lot surprisingly. Honestly, it’s one that always surprises me because it should feel “natural and easy.” But I don’t think it is. We just want it to LOOK natural and easy.

Here are a few points that I want you to consider:

  1. Creating style around your home brings peace and balance to a room.
  2. Intentionally bringing parts of the four elements- earth, fire, air, and water- into each vignette within your space is very important to balance. The interpretation can be loose but still significant:
    1. Earth = dirt/ plant
    2. Fire = candle
    3. Air = feather or crystal
    4. Water = filled vase
  3. Too much of one thing is not good – In a vignette this includes: books, frames, nick-knacks… think in numbers of three, anything more is overload.
  4. Think about the function of color and texture in the space… do they compliment each other? Clash with each other? Or, clash with the rest of the room? Too much of one thing is too much!
  5. Be flexible! A vignette might need to change quite frequently so it is good to stay on your toes. It is also a way to keep things interesting in your room despite the fact that you have not changed around your furniture.
  6. Think outside of the box! Different and unusual is IN! Experiment and feel good about your vignette – then change it!

Now, if you are still feeling a bit unsure or just want to collaborate with some interesting people on the concept of styling your home… come to our “Styling Your Home Class” on October 15th @ 5:30pm.



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