What Kind of Siding Do You Have?

If you are doing a significant renovation/ addition or building a new construction home, the first question that you will be asked by a contractor is: what kind of siding were you thinking?

The reason why you want to select your siding early in the project is because the prices vary greatly between types, and they perform differently so it is important for you to be clear about this decision. Here are some pointers when starting your conversation and research:

  • Wood Clapboards: Typically, these come primed a grey color and are installed with a 4″ rather (the amount of space showing between the clapboards). These can be painted any color.
  • Wood Shingles: These come as natural wood and can even come unfinished so they’ll weather gradually. This is a definite “look” because the color as it ages is not consistent. The second option is to have the shingles painted. The third option is to buy a pre-dipped/finished wood shingle. These come out of the factory with 2-3 coats and have a warranty of 10-20 years depending on the manufacturer. You can choose from their color selections or even choose a custom color.
  • Cement Siding: Hardy siding is made of cement and comes in a specific color palette. It is installed the same way as wood shingles and clapboards and will hold paint but will not rot. Price¬†wise, it’s about the same price as wood.
  • Vinyl Siding and Shingles: These have come a long way since the days of aluminum siding. The key (in my mind) is to trim out the doors and windows with 4″ trim boards (either azec or wood) and corner boards of about 6″ (either azec or wood). The key is to make a channel for the siding to fit into.

This is just the beginning. You will want to work closely with your designer and contractor to make sure that you are getting the look and function that you want for the price that best fits your budget.


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