How to Create a Functional Laundry Room

There is Nothing Like the Function of a Laundry Room

Who loves laundry? If you do, you are in the minority of people. To me, it’s been a journey.

When young, my mom stopped doing my laundry when I was relatively young so I recall spending Sundays washing and folding my clothes was a somewhat therapeutic way. In college and subsequent years after (as my children are that age now) it was a pain in the butt as I didn’t have access to machines, it was more expensive than it needed to be and honestly, it felt like it was always a little dirty which is odd for the process of cleaning clothes.

Once we rented or owned our own home, I was also a mother of young children. This proved to be pretty much my worst phase of laundry because it never ended. Which takes me right back to the beginning. I taught my children how to do their own laundry as soon as I could. As a treat when they are home, I will wash, dry and fold their clothes but rarely do they ask as they are so excited to have access to clean laundry.

So yes, let’s see how we can begin to mitigate my own journey in laundry and let you enjoy laundry to the best of your ability. Let’s focus on the young parents to begin with because that… that’s the depths of laundry as we all know it:

  1. Stackable vs. Side-by-Side: This actually comes down to space in a very simple way. The width of all washers & dryers are 27” x 27” and we need room behind for exhausting so 36” depth is perfect. So, if you want to have a stackable closet, it can be as small as 36” x 36”. But remember, if you are putting stackable or side-by-side in a closet, doors are key to making this a functional space and make sure that you have enough room for them (note: bi-fold door stack to 4” wide and the washer typically has a drawer that pull out for soap so remember that space that needs to be allowed. We need 6’-0” width minimum interior in a closet or room to allow for 60” doors and laundry side-by-side which also allows for a hanging rod and shelf above. Should you decide to have stackable this 6’ allows for a base cabinet with countertop, hanging rod and shelf above.
  2. Organization: Laundry rooms or closets provide the opportunity for organization or many different options. For example, wrapping paper, candles, vases, batteries, and other craft supplies that you might have the laundry room is an excellent place for storage but you must have shelving, cartons and boxes to maintain organization.
  3. Rooms: Laundry rooms are a luxury in urban areas so my best suggestion for those of you who have the room is to make the most of it. Use cabinetry to work for you. Think about all the small parts of life that can be frustrating when not organized and readily accessible and put that in the laundry room.
  4. Multi-Purpose Space: Laundry Appliances are often combined with bathrooms. This combination can be extremely functional when considering how the space is used. If your laundry space is clean and organized, why not let your guests come into your space where you do laundry.

Long and short, laundry is a must. We must do it so why not make it be as enjoyable and functional as possible. Make the space work for you.


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