Starting 2020 With a Fresh New Look

If you are looking to starting your 2020 with a fresh new look for your house, challenge on! 

Amy Dutton Home is looking forward to working with you on your project.

Interior Design – Interiors of any space from commercial to residential. Anything inside the interior of your home is what is considered up for grabs with interior design projects:

  1. Kitchens
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Master Suites
  4. Layouts of all interior spaces

Exterior Design – New homes, additions and renovation.

  1. New Construction projects on land
  2. Additions + Renovations on existing structures.

Landscape Design – Completion of projects are final with the landscapes. While funds usually run dry after a full construction new build or renovation, nothing actually completes the project but landscaping.


  1. Drip Edge: This is a rocky or gravel area that runs from the house out from the roof overhang plus 6” to allow for water run-off to not run back into the house and away instead.
  2. Planting Beds: Make sure you have foundation plantings. Shrubs and smart trees are important to have between the house and yard in order to soften the buffer and allow the eye to relax. No foundation plantings is never a good idea.

One of the best parts of being in this industry for so long is the knowledge and experience that comes with year and years or forming a company that creates a true “Whole Home”.


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