Seacoast Periodontist have a NEW home

  1. Can you briefly describe this project with us?

Seacoast Periodontist is a new construction building located on the corner of Route 1 off the traffic circle and 185 Cottage Street. The structure is designed by McHenry Architecture and built by Ricci Construction, I was hired for the interior design and material selections.

  1. How did you connect with the Seacoast Periodontics?

Instagram! Dr. Amy Rosania is a young, highly talented periodontist who was looking to create a unique, high-end and intentional space for her clients and reached out to me because she didn’t want the space to look “Typical Commercial” with cold, standard materials.

  1. We are familiar with your beautiful residential work, what is your experience with commercial work?

Commercially, I have only done ice cream shops – Dunne’s Ice Cream in York Beach, Maine and The Icehouse in Rye, NH. This was an incredible learning experience for me but with the McHenry and Ricci team, they guided me through the process and provided resources. It was a really fun experience for our office to do something different.

  1. What did you like most about working on this particular project?

I really enjoyed the challenge of learning what products could and needed to go into a commercial space as well as how these selections impacted budgets. We were limited to products that complied to code then selected the best of those options. The layout design was also restrained by city and ADA code which was interesting to learn.

  1. Does it make you excited for more commercial projects in your future?

Definitely! I hope to be able to do more projects like this. I like the challenge and ability to create a commercial space that is warm, welcoming and creative.

  1. What is your favorite room or aspect of the finished building?

It’s a toss up between the Vestibule and the Waiting Room but the Doctor’s Office is pretty fantastic too!

In the Vestibule, the goal was to relax clients before having their teeth worked on. There will be a vertical nickel-gap fir wood wall built behind the wall waterfall. The Waiting Room has a mixture of wood, fabric, leather, quartz and paint. Wood softens the tone with walnut wood doors and furniture legs as well as flooring in herringbone design. The leather and fabric is all monochromatic with blue accents. The paint and quartz and a clean white color. Plants are in all the areas to add the natural organic vibe with the wood and clean whites for an organic modern aesthetic.

We focused on the lighting in theses areas as well all being unique and interesting to set the tone with warm metals and lightbulbs making a huge difference in the ambience of the space.

  1. How long did the project take from start to finish?

I started working on the project in November 2018 and they moved in the middle of August 2019. They had been working with McHenry for about a year before I started on the project.

  1. Who else did you collaborate with on this building?

Jeremiah and Mary of McHenry Architecture and John Ricci of Ricci Construction both out of Portsmouth, NH.


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