Fireplace Ins & Outs


Do you have a fireplace that is in need of some renovating?

A fireplace is such an important focal point in a home; it sets the tone for style and design as well as function. Renovating a fireplace is a process that is intensely detailed and deserves attention.


  1. DESIGN – Start with the design and the goal. An excellent place to start is with a photo inspiration. Make sure that the design has been clearly dimensioned for everyone involved on the project to understand the end goal. Planning and communicating are the name of the game.
  2. MATERIALS – Defining the material early in the project is essential for the final dimensions. There are thicknesses of stone that will vary and will impact the substructure.
  3. CODE – When altering a fireplace, we need to hit code as it is defined by your local city and state for fire safety. Mantle height and hearth dimensions are all requirements in relationship to the opening.
  4. INSTALLATION – This is a strong coordination between the general contractor, the stone installer and the fabricator. Should there be a TV over the fireplace, the electrician gets added to this list.



Featured here are two examples – one traditional and one modern.

The traditional fireplace with stone façade features a large mirror that flips around to become a TV with a mantle fabricated from the original beam in the living room. The brick hearth was existing but needed to be extended a bit for code. The stone façade is stone veneer carries up through the roof to a new chimney. These stones are installed carefully with corner pieces to cut,  manipulate and puzzle together.

The modern fireplace with limestone façade and walnut mantle was fabricated with a goal of clean lines, modern and simplicity. The client’s original fireplace was installed as part of their new construction home with little thought being paid to the design and details. As we were renovating the kitchen, we addressed the design of the fireplace to marry well with the overall modern aesthetic.


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