A Countertop that Rivals All

Do you ever have a design vision that you would like to see come to reality?

My client had an idea that we could take a wood tree slab and waterfall this with soapstone. Honestly, the minute I heard the idea, I thought it was amazing but very difficult to fabricate. Tyler Jackson of Haven Hill Builders agreed, but he was up for the challenge.

The key component was finding a soapstone fabricator who was willing to entertain the project and work through the project with us. We were lucky to work with The Soapstone Works who are immensely talented.

Berkshire Products carries amazing slabs of wood brought in from all over the country. A spectacular slab Claro Walnut from Oregon was selected for its movement, color and intrigue. And a slab of soapstone that was clear of heavy veining was selected for the marriage. One challenge was the thickness of the wood as it met the different thickness of the soapstone. We wanted the live edge of the wood to remain and it was only through the collaborative talent that it was possible.

The result is an amazing island that moves with life and history. This is the focal point of the entire house, a statement. Click here to see the final pictures!


Let’s work together to bring your vision to reality.


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