Fab Home Office

Who has a home office? If you have an office and work from home, I hope that you love it! I’m sure you spend a ton of time in there! If not, let’s do something about that!

My husband actually has a home office and he spends a lot of time in there. But I get booted to my office in Kittery so that I can see you and actually get real work done! I do have a desk in the mudroom which actually serves me well. I find that I can check email quickly and still be in the middle of activities as well as enjoy the back garden and patio.

Regardless as to whether you work from home or have an outside office, every household has a needs a place to be organized. Where do you charge cell phones, devises, hold calendars that everyone needs to see? Here are some great ideas posted on Houzz but you can see that I always will go the simple and functional route from my office.


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