Custom Furniture Creates Opportunities

When you purchase custom furniture, it creates an opportunity for space and materials to be perfect. Absolutely perfect!

With this modern kitchen renovation we shopped a lot for the right table, in the right material, at the right price. It didn’t exist. So, I was able to create them with Tyler Jackson, Haven Hill Builders.

Haven Home Builders is a company that does anything from new construction, additions/renovations, as well as custom cabinetry and furniture. Located in Kittery, Maine, they have an amazing shop located at the Rochester Airport. They boast the ability to not only build a plane but build cabinetry and custom furniture. All I had to do was give Tyler Jackson some specifications of a table that my client liked, and he took it from there.

It’s always amazing to be able to collaborate on a project and this was no exception. From the design to the final finish, my client was involved which resulted in a product she loves. It’s always a satisfying feeling to know that history has been created by building a Dining Room table to create family memories around for decades to come.

If you are looking for the perfect piece of furniture, let me know and I’ll help you navigate the design, finish, and manufacturing.


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