What’s Up With Window Trim?

Do you want to know what’s up with window trim? It’s actually an important thing to consider when putting in windows.

While it’s possible to skip the trim, it’s fairly rare. No trim means that the contractor will need to frame and install the windows carefully then drywall tightly to the windows. It’s much easier to put trim around the windows to bridge the gap between the window and the drywall.

When selecting the size, style and finish of the window trim is important to consider a few things:


Stay with the style of the home and window.

If your home is traditional with plenty of trim details, consider a trim that also has dimension and detail to it. If your home is simpler, consider a flat stock 4” trim out. You can add a simple detail of having the top trim stand proud of the side trim by ¼” and overhang the sides just for a simple shadow line. And if your home is more modern, your trim can be 3” and a picture frame corner for simplicity. Is your home rustic or farmhouse style? Try the rough side of the wood for texture and interest.


Match the scale of trim to the size of window.

Make sure that the window can hold the weight of the trim. Think about scaling down the trim details according to the size of the window. For example, if your trim is scaled for a large 36” x 60” egress double hung window you will want to change the scale for a small 18” x 18” awning window.

Remember, if you are renovating your space it’s probably a good idea to match what is existing in the house. If you really hate this trim (ie. If it’s colonial trim – I understand, it’s pretty terrible, cheap stuff) this is your opportunity to upgrade the space that you are renovating and I say go for it.

Windows are a huge investment so it’s worth the time and effort to do some solid research on the subject. Hop on Pinterest to see more ideas on other houses.


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