Receiving Light from an Unexpected Place

Yes, receiving light from above is the norm, but how about in the shower? Have you ever wondered what’s under the cupola? Yes, they look cool, but sometimes they go even beyond looking cool! In this case, the shower is inside the cupola!

It’s become fairly common to put a window in the shower these days, as it brings natural light to the room. We’ve gotten very good at installing vinyl windows and tiling right up to them with bullnose and a stone sill so that there is no rot. We can even get the windows with privacy glass from the factory or hang them high to assure privacy.

But…that’s not the direction we went in with this shower. This shower gets a cupola!

Complete with 4 windows and a copper roof, the cupola stands 12 feet above one’s head when in the shower. The shower has switch-operated up and down sconce lights and an exhaust fan inside the shower as well as lights inside the cupola set on a timer.

Rain or Shine, Day or Night, we are taking a relaxing shower to a new level!


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