COVE is coming to Portsmouth, NH

COVE is coming to Portsmouth, NH located at 30 Maplewood Avenue, it was designed by Jen Ramsey of Somma Studios. The building that houses COVE Workspace has been under renovation for the last few years and as has a nice modern, updated yet respectful historic balance of architecture.

COVE Workspace stands for ‘Cooperative Venture Workspace’. They are currently selling memberships to the space at various price points depending on how one chooses to work and their needs.

“With the opportunity for expansion, I could see the potential for investors to buy in as we grow and morph to best suit the community and regional needs,” says Ramsey. They expect a soft opening of the space in April.

According to Jen Ramsey here are 3 Great Things about 30 Maplewood:

  1. Adaptive Re-Use in a most exciting end of town-The *new* North End. Unique to this area presently is you have multiple developers and designers working simultaneously. That area is ripe to be a destination for public art.
  2. The collaborative nature of the spaces we are creating within the 30 Maplewood building has been enriching and made for a more successful project.
  3. The opportunity to create not only a new space but develop a new business in COVE. We are very excited about the potential there and the idea that expansion of that entity is very viable with a Phase 2 building development on the boards presently.

I applaud Somma Studios for adding interesting windows with black trim, exterior details and landscapes to upgrade the dated building into an contemporary structure that Portsmouth can be proud of.

Anyone with interest can contact Jen via email,

or the Managing Director, Scott Blidberg,

Special note: If you are looking for an authentic deli – Bubby’s is located in 30 Maplewood on the Hanover end facing the public parking lot. So good!


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