Things to Remember when Buttoning up Your Home for the Winter

It’s time to button up your house for the winter, do you have your “To Do List” ready?

Every house is different so some of additional items might need to be added to your list. Here is my list:


  1. Cut back all the tall grass. While they turn brown in the fall and can be pretty, they are a pain to deal with once the snow flies.
  2. Discard the annuals in the compost pile and recycle any plastic pots.
  3. Rake the leaves up (of my neighbors’ tree).
  4. Mow the grass.
  5. Bring in all the plants that might be able to survive the winter inside (do this before the first frost).
  6. Empty the pots of annuals and store the pots in the shed. Remove the window boxes and store them inside.


  1. Cover up the outdoor furniture that will stay outside.
  2. Bring in the furniture that needs to be stored inside.
  3. Seal any wood that is missing paint. It’s not too late to paint the house but in the very least try to mitigate the damage that will occur this winter if left unsealed.
  4. Remove the screens from the windows.
  5. Cover up the screens on the screen porch.

Key areas that need attention before the weather hits:

  • Siding – Make sure there is no rot around your house.
  • Roof – Leaking roofs cause a plethora of problems, remember water is lazy and flows down ruining ceilings, floors and everything in between.

While it can be a lot of work, it’s well worth the time to prevent extended damage. And just think, you can spend all winter being lazy inside if you want.


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